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Looking for something in particular that you can't find, but isn't listed on Catterchan? Request it here! Users can then get you exactly what you're looking for!

As of today in this update, posts where a matching PDF isn't found & posted in this board for a specific request will be attributed with the "LOST MEDIA" tag. Every month when a work isn't found, a reward is calculated for the worth of the missing work. When a user posts the correct found work, they will be rewarded in a set amount of Monero (XMR)!

Here's how it'll all work:

1) You can't find a work, and you request it in this thread.
2) A user finds the work, and posts it in the normal board (not this thread!).
3) A smart contract handles the process of matching the work posted to the request. If matched, your request will be deleted and you'll receive a private message letting you know your work was found.
4) If it isn't found after a month, the "LOST MEDIA" tag will be attributed to your post, and be moved to a dedicated "BOUNTIES" board.
5) If a work is posted in the Literature board that matches the requested bounty content, the poster will receive a reward.

Anthology One: The Norton Anthology: American Literature: Beginnings to 1820—Tenth Edition.
Anthology Two: The Norton Anthology: American Literature: 1820-1865—Tenth Edition.

The Elements of Moral Philosophy- James Rachels
Mcgraw; 10th Edition
need something good on nukes
physics and engineering nukes please
CRACKERS II: The Data Storm
CRACKERS I: The Gold Rush
This isn't literature, but the best place for it I think.
I'm looking for the promotional 360 camera shots of the sets of Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause.
originally accessed from:
Good luck!
P.S., I'm running out of toner
the red book by carl jung PLEASE bro PLEASEE

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