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                                      I went to go apply for a fucking CAR loan,
                                      and believe it or fucking not, I need something called a "credit Score"
                                                                                 What Dystopian Hell-hole is this?
To Start,
  • I do NOT need a car to begin with if we had public transportation
  • Buses are equally as good as a car if not better, because MORE people can be on the bus
  • EUROPE has more train lines than the United States, and they're more succesful. They invented the lightbulb, democracy, modern medicine, and Euro Disney
  • What the hell even is a credit score? Why do I need to buy something with credit when I could save up for it?
  • I do not need 2 fucking seats, let alone 4. I don't have half that many friends.
  • Gasoline is the leading cause of global warming
  • my credit score is 400, a HIGH fucking number. I wouldn't even have this number if the bank didn't hound me for an unpaid credit card. I was DEPRESSED, OKAY?!!
  • Automotive industries have had their greedy capitalist claws in all western media. A perfect example is the Simpsons. Marge Simpson shuts down a monorail so her brother in law can have a more successful car industry, which shut down mind you, because new ideas are not supported in this economy (Even though the car Homer designed was inherently misogyny coded and a reference to a more sexist designed car from The Jetsons)
P.S., I'm running out of toner
i don't think you watched the simpsons episode
Public transportation is gross. I like my car.
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(02-09-2023, 03:39 PM)Illiad Wrote: sexist designed car from The Jetsons

what how can a car be sexist
(05-12-2023, 09:56 PM)the rardude Wrote:
(02-09-2023, 03:39 PM)Illiad Wrote: sexist designed car from The Jetsons

what how can a car be sexist

shut up bigot
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